ECHO's Mission Statements


  • To enhance public awareness and appreciation, in Egypt and abroad, of the cultural heritage of Egypt throughout-the-ages, and its contribution to world civilisation.

  • To help in the training of Egyptians in cultural heritage management, conservation, and archaeological methods, theory and practice.

  • To establish fieldschools throughout Egypt; to fund cultural exchanges between Egyptian universities and other universities throughout the world.

  • To develop and contribute to cultural heritage management programmes in Egypt, including site management, conservation and restoration, creation of a National Register, environmental protection and rescue surveys and excavations.

  • To actively assist the SCA in their efforts against looting and vandalism within Egypt, and to assist in, and stimulate worldwide action against the illicit trade in Egyptian antiquities.

  • To enhance awareness of the problems caused by illicit trade in antiquities and in the destruction of cultural heritage that it entails.

  • To encourage cultural tourism programmes as a means of enhancing the appreciation of the world heritage of Egypt.

  • To promote a greater understanding of current research amongst professional Egyptian archaeologists (from all countries), and between archaeologists and the public. This will be achieved through the publication and distribution of scientific publications and more popular works explaining the workings and findings of archaeology to the public.

  • To promote best practice in archaeological fieldwork, site management and the care and protection of artefacts. To realise this a series of excavation, surveying, conservation and CHM manuals and fieldguides, as well as a safety code booklet for working in the field will be produced in both English and Arabic.

ECHO is committed to establishing a National Register of sites and monuments (Sites and Monuments Records [SMRs]), as this central database is of paramount importance, along with a nationwide archaeological survey, in protecting Egypt's cultural heritage. A start has been made by ECHO Trustees working with the Egyptian authorities (i. e. CultNat) in creating a National Register. The first steps in disseminating archaeological knowledge have already been made by ECHO, for the first in a series of Archaeological Fieldguides, the ECHO Fieldguide to Methodology, Recording Techniques and Conventions: Standards of Archaeological Excavation; A Fieldguide, has been published.

Members of ECHO are already conducting CHM programmes throughout Egypt, participating in a survey of the Southern Sinai and helping to produce a report on Egypt's cultural heritage: A Strategic Approach to Egypt's Cultural Heritage. As part of ECHO's dedication to eradicating the illicit trade in antiquities, a Code of Ethics has been produced for its members (and anyone working in archaeology or connected fields) to follow. ECHO is also preparing a cultural and environmental heritage project for the Eastern Desert and Red Sea Coast. ECHO Trustees are also helping with educational projects run throughout Egypt (for fuller details please see ECHO News). As well as Egypt, ECHO intends to expand into other areas of Africa, such as Ethiopia, with a sister company called the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage Organisation (ETCHO). This company will have similar objectives to ECHO, but in regard to preserving Ethiopian cultural heritage. The Directors of ETCHO will all be Ethiopian archaeological specialists with many years experience working in Ethiopia.


Current Affairs


The Trustees of ECHO are sad to announce the loss of our beloved friend and colleague Dr. Geoffrey J. Tassie, affectionately known as Tass.

There has been and continues to be illegal encroachment on the UNESCO World Heritage Listed site of Dahshur. The Trustees of ECHO are supporting this petition to try and stop this illegal building activity and so can you, please sign the petition

The ECHO trustees are pleased to announce that ECHO is now a registered charity (number 1142484) this will enable ECHO to continue and develop into the future.

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ECHO article detailing the endangered sites in the Faiyum is now available to download as a PDF

Protection of Cultural Heritage in Revolutionary Times: The International Workshop on Prevention of Destruction, Looting and Theft of Cultural Heritage. Cairo, September 2012.
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New Nubian Dams are planned by the Sudanese Government, none of which have the consent of the local population who will be the ones most affected.
Sign the petition to stop the building of these dams

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