Egypt is rich in a cultural heritage that can be traced from the remote prehistoric past to the various stages of world civilisation. Ancient Egypt's monuments link us to the past and make us aware of past human achievements. It is our duty to protect and preserve this heritage so that we, and future generations, can share in this historical legacy of our predecessors.
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The Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation (ECHO) is a charitable organisation committed to assisting young Egyptians in preserving and managing the world heritage of Egypt as the most effective, long-term, sustainable and least expensive means of safeguarding the threatened archaeological record.

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The ECHO trustees are pleased to announce that ECHO is now a registered charity (number 1142484) this will enable ECHO to continue and develop into the future.

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ECHO article detailing the endangered sites in the Faiyum is now available to download as a PDF.

ECHO Funding of Egyptian students

The ECHO Cairo Workshop, September 2012

Protection of Cultural Heritage in Revolutionary Times: The International Workshop on Prevention of Destruction, Looting and Theft of Cultural Heritage. Cairo, September 2012    Call for Papers

New Nubian Dams are planned by the Sudanese Government, none of which have the consent of the local population who will be the ones most affected. Sign the petition to stop the building of these dams

Latest news from Egypt - May 2011, including the re-opening of the fourth century Hanging Church in Cairo, four more artefacts returned to the Cairo Museum, and artefacts go missing from the American University Cairo.

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ECHO has established specialist units to deal with the running of it's various activities and in furtherance of it's objectives. These special units are:
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What You Can Do
Although ECHO has created fund raising activities, money and resources are still required to fulfil the objectives and make archaeology really work to protect Egypt's cultural heritage. To continue the work laid out in the Objectives and Current Projects, ECHO needs sponsors and donations. Monetary donations are not the only means of supporting ECHO, products and skills are much needed and can be put to good use. ECHO is also looking to increase its membership.