Funding of Egyptian Students
ECHO is pleased to announce that it has raised sufficient funds to support the research of an Egyptian PhD student who is researching Middle Kingdom pottery held in British museums. This student for various reasons was not eligible for university or MSA funding and was in a tight corner until he contacted ECHO. Once this person has gone on to gain their doctorate he will go on to disseminate his knowledge of pottery analysis to others, therefore increasing the worth of the initial funding outlay existentially by the amount of students taught.

As part of ECHO’s dedication to education we shall be investigating funding future research projects of Egyptian students in cultural heritage, and as such we are asking the general public to donate to this worthy cause so that more students can benefit from this project.

ECHO would like to thank the following people for their kind assistance in raising funds for their various projects:

Ms Jan Picton
Ms Janet Johnstone
Dr Ian Shaw
Dr Jeannine Bourriau
Mr Wagdy Solomon
Mr Joris van Wetering
Mrs Bram Calcoen