ECHO Publications are pleased to announce the publication of the first book in ECHO's Monograph Series: Standards of Archaeological Excavation ; A Fieldguide
Standards of Archaeological Excavation; A Fieldguide to the Methodology, Recording Techniques and Conventions
by G. J. Tassie and L. S. Owens

This is the first book in over 100 years to deal specifically with the requirements of excavating various types of sites in Egypt. No longer is it sufficient for Egyptologists to simply learn about the history and writings of the ancient Egyptians, it is essential that they understand site formation processes and how to excavate various types of sites. Controlled excavation and recovery is the essence of good archaeological practice. Field notes, reports, drawings and photographs are the embodiment of the site; once excavated, many of the contexts are destroyed forever, and the records are the only evidence they ever existed. The graphic and textual reconstruction of the site enables repeatable comparisons to be made, allowing re-evaluation and re-interpretation as necessary. With more than 250 checklists, diagrams, photographs and tables, this fieldguide takes the archaeologist from site evaluation through to grid systems, methods of excavation for different context types, archiving, report writing and post-excavation assessment. All these activities comprise the holistic archaeological practice which is advocated throughout this work. Using the prescribed methodology, the excavator can gather data in an ordered, logical manner, presenting it in layered form to enable further interpretation. This fieldguide is a comprehensive resource for anyone conducting excavation fieldwork anywhere in the world. From Palaeolithic campsites to historic buildings, Standards gives practical advice to guide the archaeologist towards best practice in any excavation context. This book is not designed for use in the library, but to be carried onto the site with the rest of the archaeologist’s tool kit; to be consulted when required. It is thus an invaluable resource for lecturers, students, field directors, excavators, consultants and specialist, in the classroom or on site. Also included is a CD with recording forms, radius chart and an abridged version of the manual.

Published by Golden House Publications


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ISBN 978-1-906137-17-5

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