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When travelling around London, there are many buildings that give a flavour of ancient Egypt, many of these buildings are built in the Art Deco style, some resulting from the fascination with Tutankhamun and the Egypt Exploration Society's excavations at Tell el-Amarna during the 1920's and 1930's. The most famous of these buildings is probably the Hoover Building, however, many of the other buildings are well worth a visit or just a look up from the shop fronts, below is a list of ten of the most accessible.

  • Carreras (or Black Cat) Building - Hampstead Road, Chalk Farm, London. The facade, and originally the interior of this magnificently restored building, has many Egyptian motifs, such as papyriform columns and black cats. The latter motifs also inspired on of Carreras' leading brands of cigarette - Black Cat.

  • Statues from the Egyptian Hall Piccadilly, now outside the Museum of London - Barbican, London. Two statues, one of Isis the other of Osiris from the famous hall now reside outside the entrance to the Museum of London. The statues show features reminiscent of Ptolemaic kings and queens.

  • The Hoover Building - Great Western Road, (A 40). The Art Deco facade has many Egyptianising motifs; the Tesco's supermarket at the rear has kept the same Egyptomania theme going.

  • Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery - Trafalgar Square, London. The columns of this 1990's building are heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian architectural style.

  • Adelaide House - London Bridge - Art Deco facade with many Egyptianising components.

  • Degasas Building - Shaftsbury Avenue, London. Components derived from Ptolemaic Temples can be seen on the facade.

  • The Wellcome Building - Euston Road, London. The fanlight ornament with the Aten disc with a wedjat-eye in the centre.

  • Mecca Social Club (formerly Carlton Cinema) - Essex Road, Islington, London. Coloured tiling is used to give an Amarna style to the facade of this building, which also originally had many Egyptianising elements in its interior too.

  • Highgate Cemetery - Highgate, London. The Egyptian circle is world famous, although there are many other Egyptianising motifs on the various tombs, such as sphinxes, winged discs and obelisks.

  • 46-72 Richmond Avenue - Islington, London. Egyptian elements, such as sphinxes and obelisks, are placed on a classical facade of this domestic house.

Sphinxes at Crystal Palace Park London Sphinxes at Crystal Palace Park London Sphinxes at Crystal Palace Park London
Sphinxes at Crystal Palace Park London Sphinxes at Crystal Palace Park London Sphinxes at Crystal Palace Park London
  • Sphinxes at Crystal Palace Park London - all that is left of the Egyptian items included in the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851. (Photos courtesy of Birgit Schoer)

ECHO aims to compile the largest Egyptomania encyclopaedia ever written. We would like you to send us your photographs (transparencies) and articles stating the whereabouts and history of various buildings inspired by ancient Egypt. We would also like to know about any products or anything that you feel relevant that has been inspired by the land of the Pharaohs. Eventually this list will be published in either electronic and/or paper form, along with the list of contributors. We will all then be able to understand more fully how wide an influence the ancient Egyptians have on the world.

Unfortunately, we cannot return your photographs and any products that you may send, as all of ECHO's funds go to helping Egyptian cultural heritage management.


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