ECHO Publications are pleased to announce the publication of the proceedings of the first ECHO conference on: Egyptian Cultural Heritage Management:
Managing Egypt’s Cultural Heritage:
Proceedings of the First Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation Conference on: Egyptian Cultural Heritage Management

Executive Series Editor F. A. Hassan
Edited by L. S. Owens & A. De Trafford
Commissioning Editors G. J. Tassie & J. van Wetering

Egypt is rich in a cultural heritage that can be traced from the remote prehistoric past through the various stages of world civilisation. Ancient Egypt's monuments link us to the past and make us aware of past human achievements. It is our duty to protect and preserve this heritage so that we, and future generations, can share in this historical legacy of our predecessors.

The Nile Valley and Delta were the birthplace of one of the first and most resilient great civilizations. In the course of its long and distinguished history, Egypt has bequeathed to us a legacy of spectacular monuments and a dazzling array of artefacts. However, unimposing sites and objects of everyday life also provide an invaluable insight to the various aspects of ancient Egyptian society and are just as important as the more spectacular sites and 'treasures'. Today, such archaeological sites and monuments all over Egypt are threatened by urban sprawl, development projects, agricultural expansion, pollution and looting. ECHO has been founded to help in securing the protection and conservation of Egypt’s threatened heritage. The archaeological record is a finite resource, which is easily destroyed without proper protection. There are an incredible number of sites and monuments everywhere in Egypt, as well as the countless artefacts in museums and storerooms, requiring constant monitoring, protection and maintenance. Managing Egypt’s Cultural Heritage is the first volume in a series of Cultural Heritage Management (CHM) discourses; this ground-breaking book is also the first academic collection of papers dedicated to the practice of CHM in Egypt. The papers in this volume are written by specialists in their fields whose expertise cover many areas of cultural heritage management, from the theoretical to the practical, tangible to intangible heritage, from cutting edge technology to simple conservation measures. The periods covered range from the Predynastic to the Coptic and Islamic periods. This volume is an invaluable addition to the library of heritage managers, conservators, archaeologists, lecturers, anyone interested in preserving Egypt’s cultural and natural heritage.

Published by Golden House Publications

Contributors include: Fekri A. Hassan – The UNESCO Nubian Rescue Project; N. P. Finneran - Safeguarding the Christian Heritage of Egypt….. and a Wider Northeastern African Context; G. J. Tassie & Fekri A. Hassan - Sites and Monuments Records and Cultural Heritage Management; Saleh Lamei - Safeguarding the Cairene Historical Significance Challenges, Conservation and Rehabilitation; L. S. Owens et al. - Retrieval, Conservation, Archiving and Analysis of Ancient Egyptian Human Remains; J. Johnstone & G. J. Tassie – Egyptian Dance: Intangible Cultural Heritage; Stephen Quirke & Okasha el-Daly - Transliteration Traditions; Hany Hanna - Abu Mena Archaeological Area: an Egyptian World Heritage Site in Danger, A Primary Investigation; A. Sutherland - Field Conservation Techniques at Kafr Hassan Dawood; Darren Glazier & Alistair Jones - Not just Egyptians; not just Europeans: different cultures, working together…’ Examining the Heritage of Quseir, Egypt; Clifford Price et al. - Conserving the Temple of Abydos; Salima Ikram - May They Live Forever: the Examination, Care, and Curation of Egyptian Mummies; Alejandro Jiménez Serrano et al. - Primary Efforts to Save the Temple of Horus at Edfu; Michael Seymour – Cultural Heritage Management and Development in Egypt, Nigel Hetherington - An Assessment of the Role of Archaeological Site Management in the Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt; and many more papers by leading archaeologists, conservators and heritage managers.


Making archaeology work to protect Egypt's heritage.

ISBN 978-1-906137-14-4

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