ECHO Tours
ECHO TOURS have been created to help raise funds for the Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation's CHM work in Egypt. Here is a selection of some of our tours:

  • The Eastern Desert and Red Sea Coast

  • The Rise and Fall of the Old Kingdom

  • Egypt's Other Land - The Nile Delta Across the Ages

  • The Desert Oases - The Western Desert

    ECHO TOURS are designed to give an in-depth understanding of key themes and issues of Egyptian civilization. The sites and monuments visited are specially selected to highlight their social and cultural significance. The themed tours, provide in addition to historical and archaeological information, an appreciation of the natural landscape and the local communities.

    ECHO supports the conservation of the cultural heritage of Egypt. All profits from these ECHO TOURS, along with any donations, will contribute to the activities of ECHO and therefore the preservation of the magnificent monuments and sites, which are now threatened by destruction.