ECHO Monograph Series Forth-coming Journals
The ECHO Monograph series consists of non-periodical published manuscripts written by one or more authors on a specific subject of archaeology or CHM with relevance to Egypt and/or the Sudan. This series, like the ECHO Explorer, focuses on how the archaeological remains were discovered or preserved, not what was discovered or preserved, therefore concentrating on new technology in fieldwork, what problems were encountered in the field and how these were solved. Methodological and theoretical aspects of archaeology are to be covered in this series.

The volumes in this series will be in A4 format. Each volume will have a hard cover and matt pages inside with colour or black and white illustrations. However, some room will be given to authors of this series to express their wishes as to layout and design.

Forthcoming monograph titles:
  • Standards of Archaeological Excavation: A Field Handbook: Excavation Methodology, Recording Techniques and Conventions

    Potential monograph titles:
  • Field Handbook of Surveying: Methodology, Techniques and Standards
  • Field Handbook of Conservation: Methodology and Recording Techniques, Standards and Conventions or Managing Archaeological Sites
  • The first ECHO Monograph is already in the final stages of publication: the ECHO Field Handbook of Excavation: Methodology and Recording Techniques, Standards and Conventions by G. J. Tassie.
    Call for Papers
    Any contributions for ECHO Explorer Vols. 2 and 3 will be considered by the Co-Editors.