ECHO Projects and Events
Echo is dedicated to protecting Egypt's cultural heritage, through such means as education and archaeological fieldwork and conservation. As part of ECHO's objectives, two major projects and the publication of two books have been initiated:
ECHO Projects ECHO Events
  • ECHO Trustees, led by Prof. Fekri Hassan are currently engaged in the development of an action plan for the management of the sites of the St. Katherine Monastery area, soon to be declared a World Heritage Site. They are also engaged in developing the cultural heritage component of an Explorer’s visitor center in the Red Sea Governorate, Egypt. Prof. Fekri Hassan is also involved in the development of a cutting-edge website under development by IBM on The Legacy of Egyptian Civilization, the establishment of a computerised database of Egyptian cultural heritage elements in archaeological sites and museums.

  • As part of ECHO's education project, ECHO is in the process of establishing a writing competition for young Egyptian archaeologists, the writers of the best ten entries will be invited to participate in an ECHO site management fieldschool at a World Heritage Site and have their essays posted on the ECHO website. This educational programme will be developed to offer scholarships in various universities in Egypt and eventually overseas.

  • As part of ECHO's dedication to education, a series of archaeological fieldguides are planned, and versions will be published both in English and Arabic. The first ECHO Fieldguide in the series, the ECHO Field Handbook of Excavation: Methodology and Recording Techniques, Standards and Conventions, is in the final stages of publication. This fieldguide covers every aspect of excavation on land. Other books and information leaflets are also in the planning stage. A children's book on ancient Egypt is being prepared, again there will be versions in both English and Arabic. This book will not only cover all the usual social aspects of ancient Egypt, but explain why it is important that the monuments and sites are preserved for the future and their relevance to today's society. In 2001, Prof. Fekri Hassan, the Honorary President of ECHO, edited A Strategic Approach to Egyptian Cultural Heritage Management (sponsored by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), World Heritage Center (WHC) and United Nations Development Program (UNDP)), a report that G. J. Tassie, ECHO’s Managing Director, also helped to prepare and write.

  • ECHO Trustees are also currently engaged in helping the Egyptian authorities establish a National Register of Sites and Monuments, one of the most effective methods of protecting cultural heritage. ECHO urge all archaeologists working in Egypt, or who have information on sites already excavated, to fill in the registration form of CultNat, the Egyptian National Documentation Center at this address:
  • As part of ECHO's fund raising projects, a series of tours to sites and monuments, normally inaccessible to or are not on the usual travel itineraries are planned. The first four ECHO Tours are in the final stages of preparation, they will be run in conjunction with Soliman Travel. The first ECHO Tour will commence in late 2005. The four tours are entitled:

    1) The Eastern Desert and Red Sea Coast,
    2) The Desert Oases – The Western Desert,
    3) The Rise and Fall of the Old Kingdom,
    4) Egypt’s Other Land – The Nile Delta Across the Ages.

    There is only limited availability for these tours, so those people interested should contact ECHO at Further details on these tours and a precise itinerary will shortly be available on the ECHO Tours page of this web site.

  • The annual ECHO conference, showcasing lectures on various aspects of Egyptian cultural heritage, was held during March 2004. This conference, once established, will be at the same time each year, although the venue and country may change. A summary of the conference and instructions on how to submit papers for publication will be available shortly.