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Issue 1 theme:

Issue 1 of the ECHO Discoverer Newsletter of ECHO takes a close look at Cultural Heritage Management (CHM) in Egypt with several articles focussing on this subject. What needs to be done in the (near) future to safeguard the Egyptian monuments.

Issue 1 contents:

  • Cultural Heritage Management in Egypt: Who needs it?, by G. J. Tassie.

  • Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organisation, by G. J. Tassie.

  • National Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage, ECHO speaks with its director Prof. Dr. Fathi Saleh, by Joris van Wetering & Joanne M. Rowland.

  • Site Management in the Sinai. An archaeological reconnaissance survey in St. Katherine’s Protectorate, by Joanne M. Rowland & Fekri Hassan.

  • A Personal Remembrance: Barbara Adams, by Jim Mower.
  • Discoverer Issue 1 Cover