ECHO Discoverer
The ECHO DISCOVERER contains articles of a specific theme (relevant to current subjects in Egyptian Archaeology), as well as information of current ECHO projects. The newsletter contains reviews of books relevant to the work of ECHO and news on archaeological work being conducted in Egypt and the Sudan, with a focus on rescue archaeology.
Preview of forth-coming issues
Issue 1 due in Autumn 2004 focuses on the core principle of ECHO, MANAGEMENT AND PROTECTION OF THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF EGYPT.

Issue 2 will appear in the Autumn of 2005 and will focus on RESCUE ARCHAEOLOGY IN ACTION EGYPTIAN DELTA SITES IN DANGER. Recently the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities called upon the international community to assist it in safeguarding and investigating the archaeological sites of the Nile Delta as these are under threat of modern development. This issue looks at that problem and puts it in its wider context. This issue looks at that problem and puts it in its wider context.

Issue 3 will appear in the Autumn of 2006 and will focus on LOOTING & SELLING OF EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITIES. The international situation on the illicit trade of antiquities will be presented, and the specific state regarding Egyptian Antiquities as well as the viewpoint of the Supreme Council of Antiquities on this subject.
Call for Papers
Any contributions for Issue 2 and 3 will be considered by the Co-Editors.